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Kimball R. Hawkins

Kimball Hawkins has been fascinated by computers and computing since age 14. His first computer was the incomparable Digi-Comp educational computer, with a huge 3 bits of computing power. It was love at first sight. It was all up from there. His next computer was a PDP-11, which gives you an idea of how long Kimball has been computing professionally.

Very early in his career, Kimball became involved with Oracle's Database and with Unix. At his first company, GABA, Inc. Kimball quickly rose to become head of GABA's Database Development Group. When the company was tasked with porting Oracle to a new operating system, he was in the thick of it, happy to be learning the deep dark secrets of Oracle's code.

Originally, Kimball was the VAX system administrator for GABA, and then for Hughes Aircraft Company and again for Rocketdyne.

Following that, Kimball worked for Oracle Corporation as a senior DBA consultant and as an Oracle training instructor. And around that time, Kimball discovered Unix and Linux. Unix, and all its variants, was for work, and Linux, back then, was for fun.

Kimball's reputation as a Unix and Oracle troubleshooter and expert grew with projects at AT&T/Global Information Systems where he was tasked with optimizing 20 minute terabyte database queries down to less than 5 seconds, along with other Oracle DBA tasks.

At the Sony Technology Center in San Diego, Kimball learned all about high availability ServiceGuard clusters, as senior DBA for 80 Oracle Apps databases, and system administor for more than 20 HP-UX, Solaris, Linux servers. In addition, software projects in C and C++ were just icing on the cake.

Many more consulting projects followed, with companies such as Stellcom Inc., Hughes Network Systems, Mitchell International and Inova Diagnostics, Inc.

Kimball provides the experience and the know-how you need to get the job done.


Jefferson Hawkins
Creative Director

Jefferson’s career in the graphic arts has spanned more than 25 years and three continents. Whether designing a book cover in Copenhagen, laying out a corporate brochure in Curaçao, designing a logo in North Africa, or storyboarding a television ad in Los Angeles, he has worked to create visual communications that are unusual, arresting, captivating, and exceed the client’s expectations.

Skills picked up in his travels include Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, ImageReady, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, 3D Studio Max, and helming a 150-foot trawler in the North Sea. Jefferson provides corporate image design, logos, and website design for Mullikins clients. Jefferson’s portfolio website is at www.jeffersonhawkins.com.