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System Administration

Systems administration and management is vital to keeping your computer systems running at peak efficiency. It can involve troubleshooting, analysis and upgrades. At Mullikins, we have over 20 years of experience in Unix and Linux system administration, including Unix, HP-UX, Solaris, RedHat Linux, Fedora10, OpenSUSE.

We have managed from just a few servers to dozens of Unix/Linux servers at a time. We have expertise in installing, configuring and customizing high end, high availability clusters such as HP’s Service Guard. We have created a large toolkit of custom, automation, backup, monitoring and administration utiities, written in BASH, KSH, Perl, C and C++. These utilities greatly simplify system administration monitoring, response and notification. Our custom tools are all open sourced.

We are accomplished in Linux installation, upgrading, patching, restoring, troubleshooting, and kernel tuning. We have experience in all kinds of storage, LVM, RAID, DASD, NAS, SAN. We are skilled in security tools such as logwatch, tripwire, nessus, nmap, satan, ssh, firewall and networking tools.

Oracle DBA

Oracle DBA, Oracle Applications

Oracle Corporation is the leading Database and Business Software company in the world. We have worked with Oracle since Oracle version 3 and have done just about everything there is to do with Oracle. We are experienced in system preparation, installation, monitoring, maintenance, upgrading, patching and uninstallation.

We have administered Oracle databases, Oracle Applications and Oracle Business Intelligence for both very large and small businesses. We have administered over 80 Oracle Application instances at one time.

We are accomplished in database / applications cloning, patching, optimization, troubleshooting, tuning and customization.

We have worked with Oracle support and are skilled with working in their support portal, Metalink.

We have created many custom utilities to simplify the operation, maintenance, automatic monitoring and notification for all the components of the Oracle database and Oracle Applications.

Web Design

Web Solutions

A professional, high-impact website is vital to establishing your business presence and generating customer traffic.

Mullikins offers expert web site design, creation, modification, maintenance and hosting. We are experienced in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, ImageReady, Apache, Webalizer, Java, Javascript, Perl, and CGI.

Mullikins staff will work with you to develop a corporate image for your website, including development of logos, type and color schemes to be used throughout the site.

We will design the website navigation scheme according to your instructions, and optimize the website for search engine positioning using keywords relevant to your market.

Whether your website is just a few simple pages, or a complex site with animation, video, audio, or back-end order processing, Mullikins can give you the most return for your website investment.